Month: April 2019

billyhorton blog entry "Tithing your day to God"

Tithing Your Day to God

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word tithe is money. Pastors talk about it often from the pulpit. The definition means a “tenth part”. When it comes down to your finances it states in the bible, we are instructed to give 10% of them […]


Keep Pushing

Limitations. People put them on others and sometimes we put them on ourselves. It may be the number one reason why people fail. When something has already been pre-determined in your mind, usually it happens. We do what we think. We act how we feel. We walk out what we […]

billy horton blog "speak life"

Speak Life

Last Friday I took my two sons to Payson, AZ for a “guys day”. I had the day off from work and the boys were on spring break. We left Mom at home and took the 90 minute trip up the Bee Line Highway to go find some places to […]