Authored Works

"Playing for God" Poem

The poem "Playing for God" was inspired by a story told by Billy Horton during a teenage athlete bible study back in 2011. He wanted to impress upon the players in attendance how they can honor God through their play on the field. It is actually a sign of worship, which means to honor something sacred. When some people hear the word worship, they may think of attending church, singing a hymn, or getting on your knees and praying, which we think are all important things.

We believe that when you come to the understanding that you can worship God in everything you do throughout the day, you come into a stronger relationship with Him. He gave you the talent and as you hone and fashion it into something worthy, you give Him all the glory. Remember at the end of the day, win or lose, He loves you the same.

We offer ten different backgrounds that cover nine sports. Click on the baseball or football image to see a larger version and read the poem. We hope this poem will bless you and those that you love.

7 Day Fast: Understanding God’s Plan Through Faith and Action

7 Day Fast is a transparent look into Billy Horton’s life over a seven day period in the autumn of 2011. It chronicles the difficulties he endures as well as the small daily victories he achieves as he searches for God’s will during an extremely difficult time in his family’s life. During the fast, he fully comes to understand that it is God’s strength that he needs to rely on, not his own, which opens the door for the Lord to perform miraculous works in his life.

The book was written to inspire others to test their own personal limits and truly trust in the God that loves us and provides us with the strength we need to accomplish things that our mind would not allow us to comprehend. It is only when faith is applied and risks are taken that we are able to have God work through us and give us the life that he has in store for us. Actions truly do speak louder than words. 7 Day Fast gives you a good example of how the author walks out his faith. As his good friend Andre says “Real recognizes real.” In this book, Billy keeps it real.

Coaches Manual

Billy Horton has written a 110 page manual that is packed with coaching knowledge. Inside you will find over 150 drills and exercises that cover all facets of the game of baseball! In addition to helping you with practice organization. proper warm up routines and time management, he also gives you drills that cover hitting, bunting, base running, pitching, catching, infield and outfield!