The Man in the Mirror

Over the weekend my family and I had the opportunity to spend time together at a youth retreat up in Prescott, AZ. The pastor they brought in did a phenomenal job telling an insightful story of David and Goliath. He spent less time on the battle itself and more on how young David was viewed.

David was the son of Jesse and the youngest of 8 boys. He was a shepherd and protected his father’s sheep. His older brothers were warriors and away from home fighting the Philistines when Jesse sends David to the battlefield with provisions for them. When David arrives, he hears Goliath, the Philistine champion, cursing God. This angered David and his soul burned to the core because no one was doing anything about it.

How do others see you?

I am the youngest of 8 children in my family, two brothers and five sisters. I was very skinny growing up and by the time I hit 14 years old I was a menacing 5’4″, 105 pounds. My direct family was usually pretty positive, but those outside our home were not the same. People would often tell me I was too small, too weak, and not good enough. For some time it shaped the way I viewed myself, but as I got older, I found a fire that God put inside me that was a heart for others. Especially anyone who was in danger. I always look out for the “little guy”. So, I can relate to what was about to happen to David.

He started listening to the men at the battlefield. They talked about what King Saul would give to the man who defeated Goliath. His oldest brother Eliab sends David some verbal nukes by telling him that he is conceited, questions his heart, and his disregard for the sheep that he assumes David left unattended. David blows him off and eventually moves to inform Saul that he will take on Goliath himself. It sounds like David was the first man to step up to do this, so you would think that Saul would be excited, right?

Ahhh… Saul calls him a boy and that Goliath would pretty much destroy him. Now I don’t think that Saul was mocking David, but more so that he was concerned for him, which I understand. Saul didn’t believe that David stood a chance against him. However, David was not in the mood to be coddled or told what he couldn’t do. He was tired of hearing that. He was no longer going to be, wait for it because this word is important…..overlooked.

Stepping into manhood

Unless you have lived under a stone your entire life you know the rest of the story. David goes Braveheart on Goliath with some awesome loud talk, tells him how he is going to kill him (which is straight up BEAST MODE), and then proceeds to cut off his head with his own sword. That my friends is taking care of business.

David was no longer going to let people tell him what he couldn’t do. They would not decide who he was going to be, because God was already preparing David for this moment. What needed to happen was David taking the step forward by putting his actions in line with his faith in God. The book for James talks in detail about this. Check out this powerful verse.

“You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did”

James 2:22

Here is a quick video of me speaking about when David arrived on the scene and heard Goliath mocking God. It came from my message entitled “God calling those He has prepared”. I encourage you to check it out once you have finished the blog.

So, back in 2006 I started the baseball training company Christian Athletic Camps, LLC. We go by the name Cactus Athletics. My goal was to use baseball as the vehicle to deliver God’s message to ballplayers of all ages. This was not always in the form of the gospel, although I would share my faith with both players, parents and other coaches when the opportunity was right. Mostly it came from the way I handled myself as a coach and the positive way I spoke to our players. It made me stand out and then conversations tended to blossom from there.

I coined our first company motto back in ’06 and we had it on the back of our t-shirts. It said “David only needed a sling and a couple of stones. What are you going to use?” This was a straightforward message asking people to decide how they were going to overcome the adversity in their life. We all have mountains to climb and giants to slay. Instead of focusing on the problem I wanted people to focus on how they were going to conquer it!

David only needed a sling and a couple of stones. What are you going to use?

Billy Horton

The title of the blog is “The man in the mirror”. The image I used was from our trip to the zoo last year. My son Connor was looking through the glass at the Bengal Tigers prowling around and I thought it would be a cool photo. Now imagine that instead of a window it is a mirror, and that is how my son thinks of himself. As a tiger- powerful, fast, fearless and brave. The way he views himself will determine how he goes about his everyday life. I also play a part in this by how I speak to him.

So how do see your yourself? The man in the mirror can never lie to the guy on the other side of it. We can help breed confidence in ourselves and others with these simple steps:

  • Focus on being the best version of you, instead of comparing yourself to others.
  • When speaking choose to be a blesser and not a curser.
  • Surround yourself with people who truly care about you.
  • Search your heart, pray to God for guidance, and then listed for His voice.
  • Take risks and do everything in the name of the LORD!

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  1. Thanks, Billy. I appreciate the message and the encouragement…