Inspiring men to be the best version of themselves
by finding their calling and purpose.

About Billy

Billy is married to Taleen and they have two sons, Connor and Bryce. He was raised in West Branch, MI and now lives in Scottsdale, AZ. He has triumphed over adversity throughout his life and wants to let others know they can do the same. His testimony is truly inspirational.

From the Blog

  • Billy Horton Blog "Take the Shot"

    Take the Shot

    Ok guys let’s get real. When the pressure is on do you want to be the one who makes the final call? Those of us who answered yes are ready to answer the bell when the opportunity arises. As athletes we want the ball in our hands when the clock […]

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  • Billy Horton Blog "Walking in your Calling"

    Walking In Your Calling

    In a perfect world we would all love our jobs and look forward to the daily commute to our workplace. The freeways would always be flowing at 70 mph and the breakroom would have a rich aroma of dark roasted Colombian coffee. Our bosses would be understanding and practice positive […]

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  • Billy Horton blog "Let Go and Let God"

    Let Go and Let God

    Men like to do things on their own. Asking for directions is for the indecisive fool who has no internal compass. Going to someone for help when you KNOW in your gut you can do it on your own does not happen. And quitting at anything, no matter how many […]

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  • Billy Horton blog "The Importance of Having a Coaching Philosophy"

    The Importance of Having a Coaching Philosophy

    When someone builds a structure like a house, they have to make sure that the foundation is solid. They install footings, create wood forms, and pour concrete to make sure it will have a good base to build on. This foundation brings stability to the house that will one day […]

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