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About Billy

Billy is married to Taleen and they have two sons, Connor and Bryce. He was raised in West Branch, MI and now lives in Scottsdale, AZ. He has triumphed over adversity throughout his life and wants to let others know they can do the same. His testimony is truly inspirational.

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  • 5 Things a Real Man Does for His Family blog photo

    5 Things a Real Man Does for His Family

    My dad was a good man, but he wasn’t around much. By the time I was 12 years old, my parents had separated, and eventually, they got divorced. My dad and I barely spent any time together, and he died when I was 26. His absence caused a lot of […]

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  • 3 Ways to Resolve a Fight with your Wife blog photo

    3 Ways to Resolve a Fight With Your Wife

    Do you know how to heal a relationship after a fight? Last week, my wife and I had what some would call a “heated discussion,” but that’s just a nice way of saying we got into a fight. We are both former athletes, and we like to compete in everything […]

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  • Identity Thief blog photo

    Identity Thief

    I was recently at a men’s bible study and some of the questions that were posed to us really hit home. The topic of comparisons came up and we were asked if we could trade lives with anyone else in the world, who would that be? As the men at […]

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  • Get Connected and Stay Connected blog post

    Get Connected and Stay Connected

    When I was a coach with the San Francisco Giants I had the pleasure of working with Thomas Neal. We were both hitting coaches in the minor leagues, and we spent countless hours talking about hitting and life. One thing he always preached to our hitters was to “Get connected […]

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