Inspiring men to be the best version of themselves
by finding their calling and purpose.

About Billy

Billy is married to Taleen and they have two sons, Connor and Bryce. He was raised in West Branch, MI and now lives in Scottsdale, AZ. He has triumphed over adversity throughout his life and wants to let others know they can do the same. His testimony is truly inspirational.

From the Blog

  • Billy Horton Blog "Hello Nice to Meet You, Again"

    Hello Nice to Meet You, Again

    We are in living in the midst of a very difficult time. The coronavirus is spreading across the world and is currently crippling our economy. Many businesses are closed, people are losing their jobs and those of us who are pressed into home schooling our kids for the first time […]

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  • Billy Horton blog "From Ordinary to Extraordinary"

    From Ordinary to Extraordinary

    I have great news for you today and I want you to believe it with all of your heart. You were created for a reason and you have a specific God-given purpose to fulfill in life. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine why God would want to use someone […]

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  • Billy Horton Blog "Search for the one percent"

    Search for the One Percent

    I have been an athlete and coach for almost forty years. During this time, I have thrived by pushing beyond the limits I thought were possible and also stunted my growth with being overly critical of myself. I became my own worst enemy because when I tasted success, I just […]

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  • Billy Horton Blog "Expect God's Best"

    Expect God’s Best

    What did you think your life would look like when you were ten years old? When you were growing up did you dream of being something cool like a pro athlete or an astronaut, or were you really jazzed thinking about living in the suburbs with a minivan? I’m just […]

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