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by finding their calling and purpose.

About Billy

Billy is married to Taleen and they have two sons, Connor and Bryce. He was raised in West Branch, MI and now lives in Scottsdale, AZ. He has triumphed over adversity throughout his life and wants to let others know they can do the same. His testimony is truly inspirational.

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  • Three Ways to Communicate Better blog photo

    Three Ways to Communicate Better

    I was raised in a household with 7 other kids and when it came time to eat dinner, the table could get pretty loud. I am the youngest, so I don’t really remember this, but at some point, my dad made the rule that there was no talking at the […]

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  • Three Ways to Make your Wife Feel Special blog photo

    Three Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special

    Technology is great. Phones now have so many features that we use them for almost everything. For instance, do you have a separate alarm clock to wake you up? Is the newspaper delivered to your house? When was the last time you pulled out an actual flashlight to look for […]

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  • Shepherd the Flock blog photo

    Shepherd The Flock

    As men we have a great responsibility entrusted to us when we decide to become a husband and father. Our days of doing whatever we want, whenever we want are over and if you’re doing it right being selfish with your time is a thing of the past. You still […]

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  • Light at the End of the Tunnel blog photo

    Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    Two years ago, we took a family vacation to Kanab, UT. We did a lot of hiking, went to national parks, and slid down pink sand dunes. We didn’t watch TV or go on our devices for a week. It was an amazing time to unplug and enjoy each other […]

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